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(An Introspective, Healing & Transformative Experience)

What if you could design the life you want to live? Would you try? Are you feeling bold and brave enough to look inward at what is in your heart?


Join me for a 6-week, one-on-one, transformation coaching in which we uncover your deepest desires and sketch out the vision for the life and the business of your dreams.

Although we'll be tapping into your creativity, no artistic ability is required. This is a safe space to express yourself freely and allow what wants to come through!

The Exploration Journey is exactly as it sounds; it is a time to EXPLORE! We start off with a Magic VIP Day: a 4-hour, fun, jam packed, one-on-one session where we will slow down, tune into your heart and let the magic flow. We’ll make note of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go. Ultimately we'll be identifying what is most yearning for a BIG SHIFT TRANSFORMATION, whether that’s something personal, something business related, or both!

Following the Magic VIP Day we shift into weekly 1-hour sessions to help you integrate the new energy into your every-day life in a supportive, sustainable, and easy-flowing way.


When you open your heart, this experience is quite healing, thought-provoking, inspiring and empowering. It’s where you commit to designing the life you want to live, and I’ll be here with the (metaphorical) art supplies to help you illustrate your vision of the future you, the you that is bursting with excitement to be revealed.


Consider the Magic VIP Day the day we sketch the life you want to live... Think of the Coaching Sessions as the time in which you turn that sketch into a beautiful and unique work of art, one of many masterpieces that make up your beautiful life and your soul-led business. 


The Exploration Journey is perfect for you if...

  • You want to cultivate a deep commitment to living your best life.

  • You are someone who believes in quantum leaps and big changes with a boom! Quick action!

  • You want to identify and claim (or perhaps rediscover and reclaim) your power, your magic, and your many gifts.

  • You want to strengthen your spiritual practices and your connection to the Divine. Really feel the support the Universe WANTS to give you (but that perhaps you’ve been too modest to ask for).

  • You want to shake off unnecessary blockages and make decisions from a place of DESIRE (not fear).

  • You’re genuinely excited about the prospect of transforming your life, a life you don’t feel you need a constant escape from.

  • You have something specific you wish to shift in your life or in your business, an old pattern you're ready to release. 

  • You’re ready for MORE. More joy, more ease, more money, just more!

To get started, schedule your Magic VIP Day below, and together we'll schedule the Integration Coaching Sessions that follow.

Image by Edz Norton
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