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10 Reasons to Join The Busy Bee Club

Are you doing entirely way too fucking much? Welcome to the club, seriously. This monthly membership is designed for the busy bees that can't seem to find the time to pursue their goals with focus, motivation, and consistency. Together we support each other in finding BALANCE to make more space for what you desire while thriving as an entrepreneur.

Here are 10 reasons to join The Busy Bee Club:

1 - Accountability

I don't enjoy going to the gym. In fact, I'm the kind of person that if no one is looking, I will walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes, go home, and call it a day (all while feeling proud that I even made it to the gym). That's why fitness classes with witnesses, who can clearly see I'm moving is huge for me! Well, the same goes for business...

We all have that project we’ve been meaning to get to for forever... Let’s meet on a regular basis to actually get it done! This may include working on something personal like writing your novel, or meditating, or it may include something business related like finally creating that online course or keeping up with your social media. Either way, studies show that we are far more likely to accomplish our goals when we hold ourselves accountable and have a buddy to accompany us. Come as often as you can! Our sessions vary from super focused work-mode, to creative social gatherings, to wellness exercises, and more! We have a least 3 accountability sessions per week and can host more upon request!

2- Community

Being an entrepreneur can be quite isolating at times. The Busy Bee Club is a place where you can connect with like-minded souls who can often relate to what you're going through both personally and professionally. We have a private Facebook page with members of the club can keep in constant contact. Whether you have an established business or are just now starting your entrepreneurial journey, this is a wonderful place to make new friends, ask for feedback, share ideas, ask questions, give and receive guidance, experiment, and create magic together.

3 - Networking

Nothing brings me more joy than to see the Busy Bees collaborate and refer new clients to each other! The club has members who are experts across different fields from healers, to coaches, to therapists, to marketing experts, to writers and more. If you need a specific type of support, you could very well find what you need right within the club. And if not, I guarantee one of your fellow busy bees knows someone else they can refer to you.

4 - Expert Education

At the Busy Bee Club, we have a monthly coaching call where I teach on a variety of magical, practical, and entrepreneurial topics, and I am always open to special requests. So far we've covered things like:

- How to price your offerings

- What to do when someone says they can't afford your offerings

- How to be less awkward around money

- Time management techniques

- Working with your spirit guides

- Navigating imposter syndrome

- Ways to cultivate more abundance


5 - Express Your Magic

In addition to my monthly coaching calls, you also have the opportunity to host workshops of your own! The Busy Bee Club provides a safe place for you to experiment with new material, share your knowledge, promote yourself and your offerings, and practice being Courageous. We are all about encouraging you to be BRAVE in your business and if your life. We know you have an innate magic in you and would love to help you share it, with us, and with others!

6 - Unlimited Support / Q&A

Our private Facebook page allows you to ask as many questions as you'd like. I will be there to answer all of your questions alongside your fellow Busy Bees. You could ask for feedback with your offerings, pricing, website, social media, experiences with clients, new contracts or opportunities, personal matters, and even magical/witchy things too! If you've got any kind of curiosities, we're here to chime in with our insights and expertise.

7 - Magnetize Your Abundance

Did you know that the people you associate with determine 95% of your success or failure in life? Yes, you read that correctly, 95 percent!!

If your friends are super fit and healthy, chances are you're likely reading this at the gym or currently blending a fresh protein smoothie... If your friends enjoy going out and partying every weekend, chances are your last hangover wasn't that long ago...

In Dominican Republic, we have a saying: "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are".

Who you spend your time with matters. At The Busy Bee Club, you have the chance to hang out with ambitious, talented, intelligent, compassionate, hard-working entrepreneurs who are ever-evolving and elevating their frequency. If you want transformation, spend time with us and you will quickly see how contagious this uplifting, transformative attitude can be!

Just by being in our presence you are likely to be struck with a new idea, get inspired, shift your perspective, get the validation you needed. This energy alone is incredibly magnetizing as you continue developing your business and manifesting more wealth.

8 - Weekly Magical Insights

Every week I send a Magic Monday Newsletter which includes an oracle or tarot reading specifically done for the Busy Bee Club as a collective. These readings give you insight into what's present energetically for the week, and the members of the club LOVE having this insight!

The newsletter also includes information about current and upcoming astrological events, and club updates (including the occasional free resource to help you in personal or professional growth)

9 - Monthly Workbooks

Veronica, one of our busy bees, tells me EVERY MONTH how much she enjoys the monthly workbook. These workbooks vary each month as they are specifically designed to shift your perspective and explore the inner workings of your mind and your spirit. It's also really fun that most of our monthly coaching calls coincide with the theme of that month's workbook!

10 - You deserve to be SUPPORTED

Aside from being BUSY bees, other things we often share in common are imposter syndrome, the tendency to care for everyone else first, and the much needed time for self care. The Busy Bee Club is an investment you make in YOURSELF; an investment of time, and energy into becoming the entrepreneur and healthy Queen bee versus the exhausted-always-busy-bee.

When limiting beliefs tell you that you can't afford to invest in this type of support, I challenge you to consider that you can't NOT afford to do the things that are going encourage your wellness and propel your success.

May this be a reminder that you ARE enough. You deserve to be supported. You are worthy of investing in. The universe wants to give you all the blessings you desire. Being a part of The Busy Bee Club, is not just about being productive and getting things done. It's also about actively creating the life and business of your choosing.

Click here to Join the Busy Bee Club!


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