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Image by Yen Vu

Luna Morada - Art Explained

I don't always get the chance to but I LOVE painting during the full moon. This is one of those paintings...

Luna Morada - Art Explained

This painting, Luna Morada (titled Purple Moon in Spanish), is part of my Goddesses & Their Spirit Animals Collection.

I've always felt a strong connection to fish, and often say that in my next life I hope to be a fish so that I can spend all my time swimming in the ocean. I guess you can say I'm truly a daughter of Yemaya.

This alert golden fish is her spirit animal guide, a protector. She is a woman that embraces the Goddess within. This curly haired beauty walks the world with confidence, knowing she is fiercely protected by the universe. She understands that things don't happen to her TO her but FOR her. Her actions are guided by her inner wisdom and feminine power.

When you connect with her, I invite you to see Yourself, or borrow her strength, wisdom, and divine support as your own. Remember that we are all one; she is me, she is you, you are her, we all simply "are".

And of course, if when you see this painting you see something else, then that interpretation is true as well. Let the art speak to you and invoke for you what it will. My deepest hope is that my art will serve you as a sort of spiritual medicine you can call upon when you wish to. And if you see something special you'd like to share with me then please do!


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