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Image by Yen Vu

Montellano - Art Explained

Hey there! Here's an explanation behind my painting "Montellano"

Warning, if upon seeing this piece you already made a connection and an interpretation of what it means to you, then you may not want to read on and have my explanation influence your experience with this painting. I strongly believe that art is often less about the artist, and more about what it triggers in you. If seeing this piece sparked something in you, then hold on to that. If however, you don't mind a different perspective and you're curious about my process, my thoughts, and my intentions for this piece, then read on!


Montellano, Salcedo is a place of lush, green, fruitful landscapes, in which my parents grew up. It is located in the Cibao valley of Dominican Republic, south of the Cordillera Septentrional.

When I think of Montellano and of my parents as children, I envision dense, leafy mountains as illustrated in my painting. I created this as a gift for my mom, and my intention was to paint her a little piece of home that she could hang here in Connecticut.

This painting for me is about preserving our roots, and remembering the sweetness of the sugar canes freshly cut in our trips to my parent's childhood homes. We often joke that while we have lived in Connecticut for many years, we've never grown used to the winters and would like to be back Dominican Republic soaking in the sun.

In short, this painting is about home. When I say home, I'm not referring to 4 walls. I am referring to where ever you remember feeling happy, safe, and connected. At the time I created this piece, home for me was Montellano. For you home may be somewhere completely different. Sometimes home is not a specific address or even a specific country. Sometimes home is about the people with whom you created meaningful memories with, and that is equally valid. THAT feeling, home, whatever it may be for you, is what this painting is all about.

My hope for anyone who purchases a print of this piece, is that every time you see it hanging on your wall, you are filled with the peaceful sense of security that comes with being truly at home, not just physically but also in your heart.

I would love to know your thoughts. I'd love to see if what you originally thought of the painting at all matches my thought behind, so please comment below!

For anyone interested in purchasing a print of this piece, please note that these are Limited Edition, and will not be restocked once they sell out. Click here to shop.

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