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Image by Yen Vu

Painting Under The Full Pink Super Moon

If you read my last post "Figuring out My Art" then you know I've been doing a bit of soul searching when it comes to the direction I'd like to take my artistic career. I am implementing changes to bring my art to the next level and to establish a more rewarding connection between myself and my paint brush. What exactly does that mean?

I'm treating my art more like a business, like I do my graphic design services, and less like a hobby. That means I have to strategize, market my art more effectively, and open myself up to new possibilities. But before I consider the business aspect of it all, I have to produce new art, and I am absolutely thrilled to show you my new painting below, which is the first piece in what will become an entirely new body of work for me!

I created this piece two days ago on April 7th, 2020, the night of the Full PINK SUPER Moon. During these difficult times of the COVID19 pandemic, and the quarantine and isolation we've found ourselves in, it has been helpful for me to lean on my spiritual practice for guidance and wellness. As such, I wanted to take advantage of the Full Pink Super Moon energy to create what would become the beginning of a new artistic chapter for me. Even if working with the lunar cycles, is not a part of your routine, most folks know that the full moon is associated with heightened energy, power, and magickal work. This being the first Full Moon of Spring, was a perfect time to refresh, rebirth, and revitalize my art. The moon was also in Libra, a perfect time for balance, which for me meant stabilizing my emotions from the panic of the pandemic to a more soothing and productive flow, allowing me to enjoy the evening and paint.

I'm calling this piece Luna Rosada, which in Spanish means pink moon. Check out my progress below from beginning to end.

CLICK HERE if you'd like to purchase prints of Luna Rosada, and stick around if you'd like to see more of this type of work. Follow me on, and subscribe to my newsletter (at the bottom of the website).



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