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Image by Yen Vu

Pushing My Edges

As a recovering perfectionist, I could make a list a million-miles long of all the things I have held myself back from because I wanted to make it perfect. And yet if life and business has taught me anything it is this:

I don't have to be perfect to be AMAZING.

For the past 5 years of solopreneurship, I have wanted to hire support and put together a team of people who share my vision of helping entrepreneurs do the work they soul calling them to do. I searched and interviewed many people and ultimately ended up never really hiring anyone because something (the perfectionist in me) wasn't quite convinced (or simply being stubborn).

Instead I worked seriously long 10-12 hour days consistently, took on way too much work all at once, and before I knew it I helped over 200 clients in one way or another! While I am really proud of myself, I recognize that this way of working was fucking exhausting! Pardon my language, but that's the truth. Actually getting support, collaborating, eliminating perfectionism, relinquishing control, trying something new, trusting... these were all edges for me.

I've actually been telling people for the past few months that I am slowly completing the projects I committed to with the intention of shutting down my business in search for something "lighter" and new. But honestly, the thought of doing that has been really difficult, especially considering how much I love what I do, how good I am at delivering results, the success and abundance I've cultivated, and how hard I've worked to create this business.

And then something happened... I changed my mindset and energy around it and magically met my ideal fellow team members! If you haven't yet explored the benefits of shifting your energy, let's definitely talk because I'd love to support you with this.

Anyway, through the Certified Sourced Leader program I am currently enrolled in, I met two fabulous ladies I have joined forces with! All of a sudden, all of the things that were weighing me down are no longer an issue if I could share my vision with them, and EXPAND.

So what am I saying here? My work, The Passion Puzzle, shall carry on! Instead of closing down and reinventing the wheel...

I'm choosing to listen to my heart, continue doing the work that I LOVE to do, and push past my edges to collaborate with other brilliant, talented, passionate women, Peige and Nikko.

You can click here to meet them and learn more about our small Dream Team with a big heart.

As I reflect on all the ways I've held back and made things unnecessarily more complicated for myself, I pose the question, how have you potentially done the same?

Are there any edges you've been scared to touch? How are you holding yourself back? How long will you hold yourself back? What is on the other side of that edge?

Can The Passion Puzzle or my Transformation Coaching support you in moving past your edges?



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