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Image by Yen Vu

Tarot For Everyday Use

The Tarot is used in many ways. Most commonly Tarot cards are used to gain insight into one's past, present, or future. I like to think of it as a sophisticated and comprehensive bag of fortune cookies, that somehow always have the answers when you crack one open, or in this case, pick a card.

Tarot card readings are often done to answer questions when we seek advice about our current situations. Is this the right job for me? How can I make this relationship work? What will make me happy? And so on.

But in addition to doing readings for others, The Tarot can also be used for meditation, to gain self-awareness, for spiritual growth, and even spells.

Learning how to use tarot cards can be intimidating at first. Even people who have been using tarot cards for years will tell you they are constantly learning new ways to connect the dots and read their decks.

There are 78 cards in a tarot deck, each with their own unique meaning, and when paired next to other cards, it opens up an infinite amount of ways to interpret its symbolism.

One book in particular that I have found helpful and enjoyable is 365 Tarot Spells by Sarah Graham. There is a spell, meditation, or ritual for each day of the year, so it's really convenient to pick it up whenever the mood strikes. The book is great for beginners or serious Tarot lovers, as ach spell can be as simple or as elaborate as the user makes it. I also love that the spells don't require many materials or preparations. All you need is a deck of Tarot cards, an open mind, and the occasional candle or two.

The last time I used the book it prompted me to pick up The World card, and focus on balancing my crown chakra while holding the card. It was a quick meditation but it sparked an idea in me that resulted in a new painting! That's what I love about this book, and Tarot in general. There is no need for theatrics. You don't have to get all dressed up in your finest gypsy attire and track down a crystal ball, to benefit from the Tarot's power, and sharpen your own intuition.

Using Tarot cards on a daily basis can be as easy and fun as following along with a book like the 365 Tarot Spells, or as simple as just drawing a card at random and trusting that you've selected the card you were meant to connect with at that precise moment.

Ground yourself, study the image on the card, and allow it to "speak" to you. You may not necessarily hear voices (unless you do), but notice what comes to mind. What does it make you feel? If studying the card's imagery and symbolism while sensing its energy feels like too much, you can always read the description that comes along with the deck's book and let that guide you. If nothing else, the Tarot is great way to start your day, or take a break from our busy schedules to enjoy a moment to be present in the now, and potentially check in with our higher selves.

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