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retreat with me!


AUG. 1-5, 2023

Are you ready to claim the magic within?

Have you ever noticed how some people have this inexplicable almost cosmic quality? A knowing... An innate wisdom... A certain magic... What if I told you that you are magical too?


I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have hid my magic or failed to recognize it all!

For years I divided myself into different versions of me that I can select to accommodate whatever room I entered. There was the Professional me, the Practical me, the Agreeable me... and then there's the Real me. 

The ME that gets all these intuitive hits, and often sees things other don't notice. The ME that can pick up on the energy of things. The ME that is creative, inspired, and at times even somewhat psychic! Like when you think of a song and then it plays on the radio!

How many times have you chosen to be Practical over Magical out of fear of what others might say? 

I'm thinking back to when I quit my job to start my own business and how everyone (including my well intentioned and genuinely concerned loved ones) thought I was being risky or ridiculous. 

I had no clients and frankly no clue how I was going to do this, but something inside of me kept telling me go for it and take a leap of faith. Well, by noon of my first day in business I had 4 clients. 

How? Why? Because I trusted in myself. I tapped into my magic. 

"When you say magic, what do you mean exactly?"

When I speak about Magic, I'm talking about that unique set of skills and talents that is specific to you! I'm talking about the gut feeling that guides you, your intuition, your ability to do/see/create/envision things like no one else.

In this retreat we will do a deep dive into rediscovering who we really are, what makes each and every single one of us special, and identify how magic shows up for us and within us. 

This retreat is for you if...

  • You believe there's even the tiniest curiosity or spark of magic somewhere deep inside of you

  • You are tired of keeping yourself small

  • You're fascinated or even just intrigued by tarot, crystals, astrology, divination, witchcraft, and/or healing energy work

  • You're down for all things woo woo

  • You consider yourself a spiritual person

  • You're committed to discovering and really claiming your power

  • You want to see what you're truly capable of when you tap into your highest expression

This retreat is not the right fit if...

  • You don't believe in the inexplicable powers of the universe

  • You don't want to open up a can of worms. I say this because this retreat means big time transformation and once you see how magical you are you can't unsee it. 

  • You hate art, sweet treats, and adventure (which literally breaks my heart)

"Ok Jasleni, I hear you. But I'm not a magical person."

The reality is that most of us have been programmed to hide our magic, or worse yet, to believe that magic isn't real. 

But it is. And if you could learn to look, you would see it everywhere. 

In this retreat you will...

  • learn how recognize how your magic works

  • gain confidence around your abilities

  • cultivate more joy and pleasure

  • gain trust in yourself

  • further develop your knowing or psychic skills

  • develop meaningful connections with your spirit guides

  • and so much more

retreat features


Enjoy the French Quarter

The French Quarter in New Orleans is filled to the brim with life, culture, music, colors, and vibrancy! Enjoy 4 nights, 5 days at the LA LA Hotel in the heart of it all, walking distance to so many attractions. 

Image by Luis Alfonso Orellana

Soak In All the Colors and Art

In addition to getting artsy-fartsy ourselves (don't worry, no artistic skills are required) you'll also have plenty of opportunities to check out the local talent. 


Taste the Creole Flavors

Breakfast and lunch are included, and in the evenings you can explore the many wonderful restaurants this city has to offer. 

Image by Joel Muniz

Replenish Your Soul

In tapping into your magic you'll also nourish your soul in more ways than I could possibly describe. From bonding with your fellow witchy sisters to opening your heart to new experiences and insight. 

Image by Viva Luna Studios

Get a Custom Oracle Deck!

One of the many fun things we'll be doing is creating a oracle deck together filled with our own magic, insight, and experiences throughout the retreat. Can you think of a more Magical souvenir of your trip?!

Image by David Hertle

Field Trips & Other Surprises

I don't want to say too much because I want you to be surprised... but I will say there may be unexpected activity or two in store...

Image by Ethan Hoover


Duration: August 1-5, 2023 (4 nights / 5 days)

Location: LA LA Hotel - 123 Main Street, French Quarter, New Orleans

Airport: You'll want to book a flight to the NOE Airport (flights not included in price)

Transportation: You're responsible for arriving at the hotel on Aug. 1 by 1pm, and getting back to the airport. Transportation is however provided to and from any excursions. 

Price: $4,444 - Pay in full to receive a Free Astrology Birth Chart Reading

or pay in two installments of $2,222. 

Ready to claim the magic within? Fill the application below to ignite the spark!

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