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the soulful entrepreneur


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What if you could strategically set yourself and your business up for success with deep soul alignment? 

Get the results you want by letting your intuition be the CEO of your business. 


Do you feel stuck and unsure of your next move? Do you find yourself seeking for some industry expert to tell you what to do?

Do wish you had more clarity and your own personal roadmap to success?

Do you long for a stronger connection to your spirit guides and your unique magic?

If so, I want you to know you're in the right place. By the time you're done with this 6-week immersion... 

- You will learn different ways to develop a rich relationship with your spirit guides

- You will be better equipped to ask for what you desire and feel fiercely supported by the Universe

- You will learn practical divination techniques to boost your work in your business and in your personal life

- You will develop soul-nourishing rituals to enhance your intuition and psychic skills

- You will gain a deeper sense of trust and confidence in yourself, your abilities, and the success available to you.

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This IMMERSION is for you if...

  You are passionate about your work but are exhausted, and seriously need to figure out how to make it flow with more ease. ​​

  You want to make confident, soul aligned, guided decisions.

  You want a strong spiritual practice that makes you feel supported, guided, and protected.

  You are intrigued by the idea of developing your magic, tapping into your psychic and divination skills.

  You are willing to look inward, heal yourself, and shift your energy.

  You believe and are READY for transformation (even if you don't really understand how it works).

  You're ready to give yourself this amazing gift of deep personal transformation and professional growth.

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Week 1 - Opening Ceremony 

Let's kick things off with an opening ceremony and activation where we'll do a deep dive into our soul contracts. 

★ Week 2 - Connecting with your Business Spirit Guides 

You already have Divine support all around you and within you. But have you ever had a spirit guide as a business consultant or partner? Learn how to enrich your communication with your guides for more potent support.

★ Week 3 - Sacred Space

Design your magical altar, a space for practical business strategy and spellcasting.

 Week 4 - Divination 

Discover different divination tools beyond fortune telling, and instead use these techniques to manifest the success you seek. 

 Week 5 - Courage & Perseverance

Overcome the energetic blocks, excuses, or limiting beliefs getting in the way of you and your magic. Rewrite your narrative and become unstoppable. 

 Week 6 - Your Unique Magic

Learn about the different ways that magic shows up in our lives and in ourselves. Discover how to weave your wisdom into your business. 

what's included

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  Opening Ceremony & Activation

  Downloadable Worksheets for every lesson

  ​Integration Exercises for in between the lessons

  Replays in case you miss a lesson or wish to rewatch

  Direct Access to me via Email 

  Extended 6-Month Access

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BONUS - Access to the Busy Bee Club (BBC) for 6 weeks:

  • BBC workbook

  • Weekly Magic Monday collective oracle/tarot reading

  • Connect with like minded souls during accountability sessions, creativity sessions, and wellness sessions

  • Community support via our private BBC Facebook page

  • Group coaching with opportunities for laser coaching and learning from your peers’ questions.

frequently asked questions

  • What is Business Witchcraft & Coaching?
    Think of Business Witchcraft & Coaching as the ultimate, magical business consulting. During our sessions, I blend the ancient art of witchcraft with modern entrepreneurship to unlock your fullest potential. My holistic approach integrates practical business strategies with ancient rituals and intuitive insights, creating a powerful synergy that propels you toward success. Together, we'll craft personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring sustainable growth and fulfillment in both your business and spiritual journey. Whether you consider yourself a witch, a healer, an intuitive person, a creative, or not, does not matter. By the time with are through your first session you will feel your own innate magic and divine guidance within. All visionaries, big dreamers, and entrepreneurs are welcome! To learn more, click here:
  • Do you offer packages?
    Yes! You can choose between these 3 options: The Power Hour - 75-minute of business witchcraft & coaching session The Magickal Momentum Month - 4 weeks of business witchcraft & coaching session The Sacred Deep Dive - 12 weeks of business witchcraft & coaching session CLICK HERE to learn more and to get started!
  • Who is this ideal for?
    While I primarily work with women entrepreneurs across different industries, all big dreamers and visionaries are welcome.   We will be a great fit if: You are committed and ready to invest in leveling up your business. You are open-minded and willing to try something other than what you've already done. You are passionate about doing meaningful work and pursuing what fills you with joy. You're in it for the long haul. Your business is important to you, more than a hobby, you are in it to win. You value kindness, respect, integrity, and honest communication. We will be a great fit if: You are multi-faceted, interested in lots of things, and at times feel a little ridiculous for all your many shiny ideas... You have a deep desire for something MORE... More joy, more ease, more pleasure, more play, more freedom, more self-love, more confidence, more YOU. You're tired of feeling stuck or held back (by limiting beliefs, not enough time, lack of skills, uncertainty, etc.) You’re genuinely excited about the prospect of transforming and aligning your life and your business with your spirit. You may not know how it works exactly, but you know transformation is possible and you're ready to become the person you always thought you'd be. If this feels like you, then you're in the right place! You do not have to practice a particular religion or consider yourself a witch, healer, magician, intuitive or creative person to benefit from the transformative magic of this work. All you need is curiosity and an open mind.
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and in the meantime, I have a gift for you...

I created a FREE Business Success & Soul Alignment Workbook to help you weave more magic into your life and your business right away!

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