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Jasleni Brito

I'm Jasleni

Transformation Coach, Intuitive Brand Strategist & Multi-Magickal Artist

"On a mission to help you DESIGN the life and business of your dreams."


Throughout the last 10+ years I have had the pleasure of designing for big companies like Whole Foods Market and over 200 small businesses like Bueno Law and more. These opportunities have molded me into an experienced Brand Strategist and Graphic Designer with a real passion for what I do. My technical expertise ranges from logo design, branding/identity, website design, packaging, marketing, painting, and drawing. In other words, when it comes to visual communication there is very little I can't do for you! ​But my REAL love goes beyond design and business consulting, and extends to TRUE TRANSFORMATION. I'm here to help you tap into what brings you the most happiness so you can design your business AND your life from a place of soul alignment.  As your coach, I will help you identify and hone in on your unique magic, so that you can embrace all the abundance the universe wants to give you.

Let's infuse your soul-led businesses with your unique magic.


If I am to share my story I suppose it makes sense to start in Santiago, Dominican Republic, where I grew up listening to Selena, and sipping on papaya milkshakes. It would also make sense to share that I have been painting since before I could write and that nearly everything about my journey suggests I was born to be an artist. 


But in many ways I think my story really began at the age of 25 when the stars aligned in such a way that I had the privilege of donating a kidney to a stranger so that another stranger could donate one to my sister.  This miraculous, almost sci-fi, organ exchange made me realize just how precious life is, and how important it is to live it fully. In short, that is why I do the work that I do. I started my business because I couldn't afford not to, not if I want to live at my highest soul's expression, using my talents to spread joy by helping other entrepreneurs do the work their soul is leading them to.  

If like me you are a big dreamer, committed to living your best life then let's work together! With a special attention to detail and a whole lot of imagination, I can help you and your business so that you too can do what you were born to do. So let's chat!




My mission is to use my talents to help, educate, and empower big dreamers like you, to create soul-led businesses with branding that is custom made with your magick.


I value family, personal growth, integrity, honesty, transparency, authenticity, and the courage to express your truth.


I believe in karma, the powers of the universe, that love conquers all, that we are all worthy of respect and kindness, that happiness is attainable and sustainable, and that when possible we should all recycle (Mother Earth appreciates it!)

If this resonates with you then you're definitely my kind of person. If not, I still wish you the very best, but I probably wouldn't invite you to my birthday party.


Certified Kairos Healer

Kairos Healers Academy

Certified Sourced Leader

Transformation/Life Coaching Certification with Sourced™

Member of Society of Witchcraft and Old Magick

Central Connecticut State University

Bachelor of Arts - Graphic/Information Design

Manchester Community College

Associates Degree - Multimedia Communication

Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts

Visual & Performing Arts



  • I have an online Art Shop where I sell my paintings! In fact, all the artwork you see sprinkled throughout my site is mine. 

  • Nothing makes me happier than food or the beach.

  • My poetry book 143 is available for purchase!

  • Once upon a time I used to be a singer

  • In 2015, I donated a kidney.

  • In my next life, I hope to be a fish, hence my logo!

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