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Image by Dan Farrell


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Energy Medicine Practitioner


"When I signed up for the logo and branding package with Jasleni, I never dreamed that this process would also bring me into such beautiful clarity around my entire business! Jasleni has a way of reflecting back that is both extraordinarily clear and deeply nourishing. Her process allowed all of my confusion to bubble up to the surface where it was met by her compassionate clarity. She truly has a gift for bringing a magical, healing element into this process that truly does raise it up to a whole new level! Not to mention her artistry…

I received so much more than a logo and branding package! Working with Jasleni allowed me to co-create a logo that embodies the essence of what I am bringing into this world! I absolutely LOVE what was produced along the way, and yet it was also about so much more than that! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jasleni!"


T. C.

Virtual Assistant


"I felt genuinely seen and heard during my time in The Soulful Entrepreneur. It felt like a warm and welcoming hug. I haven’t felt that in a group in a long time and it rekindled my faith in having meaningful connection with strangers. I also felt empowered to tap into my strengths and my initiative. It’s exactly what I needed. Thank you 🙏🏼"



Mixed Media Artist


“I am Thrilled to Introduce her to some and Re-Introduce her to Others! We are working on the Re-Branding of Kim.Can.Ink. Jasleni is a refreshing triple threat! Professional, efficient, and super talented. Visit her website for your new logo, website, marketing materials and more. 
Stay Tuned for My New Website....”




“Jasleni not only has a very artistic eye, she also has an exceptional ability to understand and make your website vision a reality. I came to her with a "working" website that had the content that I wanted, but it did not present and convey the image that I wanted. My original website did not provide all of the features that I wanted either. Jasleni truly understand what I wanted and knew how to get my website there. Her turn around time was amazing every step of the way- far shorter than other venders that I had tried to work with. It was truly a pleasure to work with her from start to finish. Highly recommend.” 

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Intuitive Hypnosis Channel & Divine Guide


"Jasleni… I feel like nothing I could put into words could truly capture the container of a passion puzzle. Thinking back to the first meeting and where I was as an entrepreneur fills me with wonder at your work.  The consistent, supportive, intuitive, organized, efficient, dynamic never ceasing capacity to lead me through this journey is made so clear in the final days of our time together. You have held me through all aspects of this process with incredible grace, enthusiasm, understanding, skill and a big beautiful gentle mirror to help me see in places I couldn’t. I could ask myself how you do this, but that’s like asking how you create something that felt impossible. That is Jasleni space. Worth. Every. Penny. I didn’t even know what you were going to do for me honestly. You did though, and I always felt a deep trust in your abilities for the technical pieces as well as the tender spiritual pieces that all enormously impacted our journey together. Your magic is huge, colorful, fun, creative and smart. Full of so much gratitude. Xo Samantha"



Poet & Entrepreneur


Jasleni did an amazing job with my book cover. I gave her an idea of what I wanted, and she gave it life. After showing Jasleni what I came up with so far and discussing the books background – the why to writing it – she totally did her thing. She hooked it up, it is vibrant, well thought out, and the colors are on point and everything. Very pleased with the work, great line of communication, and efficient. Big shout out to Jasleni!!! She is incredibly talented. Go show your support, you will not be disappointed. Jasleni Keep doing ya thing!!!!


Jewelry Artist


“She is great to work with. Works hard to understand your brand and style and quickly assimilates it into a web design. Close collaboration with her customer and is prompt to reply and very flexible. I'm so happy with the end product and feel that her pricing is on par with other web designers.” 



Transformational Life & Financial Coach, CPA

"What I liked most about The Soulful Entrepreneur Course was that the energy allowed me to show up fully present, activating my Playful Creative Sourced Expression Magic. Since the course I've felt much more trust, desire to create, and sacred sharing in groups. To anyone considering it, I would tell them to say YES. If anything, I would have preferred the course to be a bit longer; I feel we were just getting beyond the edges and into more depth when we ended. However, I'm happy I have the workbooks to circle back to as a reference tool. Jasleni is such an attentive heart centered listener, everyone felt comfortable being an active participant in her group!"




“Jasleni is my go to person for all of my marketing needs. She designed and maintains my website, she created my wholesale catalog and price sheets, she helped me design my hang tags and use cards. She's prompt, professional, efficient, delightfully upbeat and incredibly creative. With Jasleni, you get a designer who figures out what you want your brand to say and then she presents an image that is 100x better than you could have dreamed! I highly recommend her services!” 

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“Not only is Jasleni an incredible artist, she is also patient and attentive. Although she was busy with other projects, she did not turn me away and consistently made sure she was working around the concept I wanted. She offered ideas to make the art piece I wanted better and she was flexible in getting me the art piece around my schedule. You know the work will exceed expectations when the artist has natural talent, is hard-working, and is an excellent communicator; Jasleni has it all. I will definitely be coming back to her when I need a boost in my marketing platforms as an author.” 


Jewelry Artist


“I just can't say enough about Jasleni, she is extremely easy to work with. I don't think I am the easiest client as I had no idea what I wanted, but Jasleni blew me away with the logo she designed for me, it is so so perfect, I absolutely love it along with the variations for my Facebook page, Etsy site and the banner for my craft show canopy. I highly recommend Jasleni for all your designing needs.” 

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Jasleni completed a branding project for the business that I just started. During our meeting she was professional, creative, and curious about the business as a whole. She listened to what I wanted and added things that I couldn't even think of. The branding design that she created was perfect and went along with the vision that I created for my business. Jasleni answered all of my emails in a timely manner, and was very kind during the whole process. She does excellent work and I look forward to doing more projects with her.

Image by Dan Farrell


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