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Build a business that aligns with your soul by tapping into your inner magick. 
But, wait a second... How does business witchcraft work exactly?

All you need to manifest your business dreams is a hint of magick and the nerve to just try.

I’m here to offer passionate entrepreneurs like you a unique, holistic, and magickal approach in navigating the intricacies of business. Using my entrepreneurial expertise and knowledge of witchcraft with Afro-Caribbean wisdom, I integrate practical business strategies with ancient rituals and intuitive insights to create a powerful synergy that propels you toward success. Together, we'll craft personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring sustainable growth and fulfillment in both your business and spiritual journey.

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Are you ready to harness the mystical powers of the universe to elevate your business to new heights?

Embark on a profound journey of transformation with my business consulting and life coaching services. To address your needs, we will explore various avenues to design the approach that works best for you. These avenues include branding brainstorming, business consulting, implementing practical business growth strategies, or working through personal matters that are blocking your path to entrepreneurial success. 


Integrated into your personalized coaching is the touch of magic. That can include tarot readings, manifestation practices, divination, energy healing, witchcraft rituals, and other mystical approaches. Together, we will discover and utilize the magical tools that align best with your spirit and that offer you the clarity, inspiration, and momentum you seek. 


Our sessions together will be tailored specifically to your unique skills, spiritual preferences, and life experiences. No matter the length of time you choose for my coaching, I will ensure that you feel supported, empowered, and motivated to achieve what you desire.

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The Smoky Quartz


This 75-minute coaching session embodies the enhancing qualities of the smoky quartz that promote emotional stability, practical thinking, clear insight, and increased inspiration. In booking this session, you will have the space to tackle the question, concern, and/or issue that’s been stifling your progress as an entrepreneur. 


Do you need someone to bounce ideas off of in order to refine your brand? Are you struggling to come up with an action plan to grow your business? Is life getting in the way and you need help navigating personal obstacles? Do you just need someone to push you off the cliff so you can finally quit your job or do "THAT thing"? Say no more; I am here for you.


As a BONUS, when you book your session, you’ll instantly receive a monthly planner to help you stay focused as you follow the rhythms of your soul.

The Carnelian Crystal


For the entrepreneur being taunted by that big long-term project, this 4-week program is designed to provide the resources and support you need in your endeavors. Inspired by the carnelian crystal, the program aims to bring about the essence that wards off negative energy, attracts good luck, and encourages self-confidence, creativity, and motivation.


Throughout the month, we’ll work closely together, meeting weekly to address any and all challenges or opportunities that come up in your project and in your business. In addition, you will have access to text and email support for continuous guidance and encouragement between meetings. This ensures that you’re fully supported every step of the way.


What sets this program apart is its flexibility and inclusivity. You will have entrepreneurial and spiritual guidance when needed, so that your project is a success. As a result, you will gain clarity, inspiration, and personal/professional growth that will empower you as you move ahead in your business.

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The Green Jade

If you’re undergoing a life-changing transformation, whether it’s diving into the depths of starting up a small business or shifting your business toward a whole new direction, the 3-month program offers a sanctuary for working through the twists and turns of your journey. This comprehensive program is tailored to meet you exactly where you are, energized by the spiritual properties of the green jade that promote self-love and compassion, connecting you to your higher self and fostering a sense of unity with the world around us.

Every week, we will meet to strategize action plans, implement tools and strategies, and make sure that everything we do aligns with your true purpose. When needed, we will discuss any personal matters that are making you feel stuck, so that you can feel clear-headed and assured in your journey. The program also embraces the integration of various modalities, including energy healing, divination, and magical rituals. In addition to our weekly sessions, you'll have ongoing access to text and email support, providing encouragement and assistance whenever you need it most.


The essence of the program lies in its commitment to providing you with whatever is most beneficial and nourishing to your journey. You will be supported at every stage of your transformation into becoming your highest self.


You are MAGICAL AF, act like it!

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