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Different Types of Logos: Which one is right for you?

Logo Design by Jasleni Art & Design

There are different types of logo styles to consider before choosing the one that is right for you. Below are examples and descriptions to help you make the choice. If you're not sure which one makes the most sense for your brand, let's decide together. Contact me here for details on my logo design services.

1. Wordmark (Text)

Logos consisting of only text are known as wordmarks or sometimes logotypes. These logos can be great for businesses that have a short, distinctive, or memorable name. They are also really useful when starting a new business and building name recognition as they are simple and to the point.


2. Lettermark (Initials)

If you want the clean and direct simplicity of a wordmark but have a long or complicated name, the lettermark may be the way to go. This logo style is also composed of "type" (or just letters) but focuses on initials rather than a whole name.


3. Brandmark (Symbol or Icon)

A brandmark is a logo consisting only of a symbol and no words. These logos are great when language barriers are in place, when you have a strong image that sums up your message nicely, or when directing like in traffic signs. Brandmarks are also really successful once your business already has strong brand recognition, and so it is common to see a logo that once had text but now uses just the symbol.


4. Combination Mark (Text and Symbol)

Combination Marks or "iconic logotypes" combine both a symbol and text. This is a very popular option because if done right it gives you the best of both worlds. Combination marks are the most complicated so they require more time to design. They are also easier to trademark than a wordmark because they are easier to distinguish from another logo.

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