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The Amaryllis Society (Annual Membership)

The Amaryllis Society (Annual Membership)

An annual membership for highly ambitious, talented, and brilliant visionaries (like you) who are all about getting shit done with more magic, balance, and joy!


With this membership, you are getting access to the society's exclusive Discord server, weekly events and workshops, monthly workbooks and newsletters with invaluable resources, monthly group choaching, a quartery book club, and so much more. In signing up, you will also be receiving a Welcome Workbook that will set you up for success as a visionary of The Amaryllis Society. 


Learn more here. Sign up for the year and SAVE 20%!


Give it a try and feel the MAGIC.

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    Annual Member
    BEST VALUE! SAVE 20% with an annual membership!
    $844.00every year until canceled
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