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Hey there, I'm JASLENI

I help visionary entrepreneurs discover the courageous audacity to manifest what you desire in your business and in your life. 

Utilizing my creative skills and expertise, I’m here to support, enlighten, and embolden ambitious dreamers like you. 

How many weeks, months, years have you put off that big dream, that one thing that you’re dying to do, that you feel called to do? TOO MANY! Life gets in the way and our dreams are often the first thing to get put at the very bottom of the to-do list, gathering cobwebs and dust. But you know what I see? A spark. Inside you, right now, there is a flame of ardent bravery that is ready to bloom into a wildfire.


Your dream has not given up on you. Do NOT give up on your dream. Let’s tap into your spirit, find your courage, summon your inner magic, and design the business you want to run and the life you want to live.

You're Magickal AF. Act like it!

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La Caribeña Oracle Deck


Let's Make Magick

Are you ready to transform your business & your life? Explore my Services & Offerings:


Te invito a conectarte con La Caribeña.

This 50-card oracle deck and guidebook invites you to connect with the Caribbean woman, through the stories, traditions, and wisdom of my Dominican roots, ancestors, and personal experiences.

La Caribeña Oracle Cards by Jasleni
Jasleni's Client. Testimonial of working with Jasleni.


Sacred Space with Samantha

I feel like nothing I could put into words could truly capture the container of a passion puzzle. Thinking back to the first meeting and where I was as an entrepreneur fills me with wonder at your work.  The consistent, supportive, intuitive, organized, efficient, dynamic never ceasing capacity to lead me through this journey is made so clear in the final days of our time together. You have held me through all aspects of this process with incredible grace, enthusiasm, understanding, skill and a big beautiful gentle mirror to help me see in places I couldn’t. I could ask myself how you do this, but that’s like asking how you create something that felt impossible. That is Jasleni space. Worth. Every. Penny.





After supporting over 200 entrepreneurs to propel their businesses forward with stunning branding and design, I feel called to help entrepreneurs cultivate deep soul alignment in their business and in their lives. Years of hard work have taught me that working doesn't have to be so hard. I learned that I can make a lot of money, work easy, and have a lot of fun, and I'd love to show you how to do the same! Let's transform the way you do business.

JART Site.png
Jasleni - the Art Witch surrounded by flowers

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