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Image by Yen Vu

La Caribeña

Te invito a conectarte con La Caribeña. 

This 50-card oracle deck and guidebook invites you to connect with the Caribbean woman, through the stories, traditions, and wisdom of my Dominican roots, ancestors, and personal experiences.

La República Dominicana, like many Hispanic cultures, has a rich history in traditional healing. Through herbal medicines, spiritual guidance, and even your modern Vicks Vaporú, Dominicans have trusted in the teachings that have been passed down for generations to guide, heal, and support them in their life choices. This is a sentiment that is felt not just in DR but across all the Hispanic islands of the Caribbean, and beyond. This deck embodies the trust in the longstanding sayings, practices, and beliefs of the Caribbean people, through the voice of the Caribbean woman. 

With this deck, La Caribeña is sharing with you her experiences and her wisdom. She is speaking to you through each card, because she is present in the artwork of each of the 50 cards that make up this deck. Every woman depicted in the vibrant, colorful, and beautiful artwork is La Caribeña. She is here to guide you with the blessings and divine energy of her ancestry, her land, and her people. 

Pre-order info coming soon!


If you would like to see the behind-the-scenes progress of the deck, and perhaps contribute your ideas and feedback, then please connect with me on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. I've been sharing nearly every day and love reading the comments and reflections from the beautiful souls who have hopped on this creative journey with me.


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