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Monthly Manifestation Tarot Spread

If you follow me on Instagram or TikTok then you've probably have heard me talk about my theme for the year... 2021 was about all about Transformation. 2022 the theme was Abundance. And 2023 I am leaning into Action and Visibility!

Regardless of the year, the question remains - How do we stay on track with our goals? How do we manifest what we desire? I like to periodically turn to my tarot decks (I have a serious collection of 40 and counting), and seek some insight or direction for next moves.

With this in mind, I've created a tarot spread that you can use at the beginning of each month to ground you in how you're approaching the following 4 weeks. This works best (in my opinion) when you are clear about what you're manifesting this year, like I said for me right now it is Action & Visibility, so my tarot readings are done keeping this general theme in mind.

Setting Up Your Spread

1 - Meditate and decide on what you're manifesting? What do you desire? What is REALLY important to you? The clearer and more precise you can be, the better. Of course, we all want ALL the things, but what is the ONE thing you are focusing on right now?

2 - What question would you like to ask the cards? Again, the more specific your question, the better. The more vague the question, the more ambiguous the question. I would also stay away from Yes/No questions, and instead focus on questions that can bring you more insight. For example, avoid asking "Will I get that job I applied for?" and instead ask "How can I improve my odds of getting that job I really want?"

Right now as I am working on Action & Visibility, the question that I am asking for this month is "How can I make myself more visible to my ideal clients, in a way that is of service to them, and really fun and nourishing for me?"

3 - Pick the deck that is calling to you, or if you only have one deck, use that one! And if you don't have a tarot deck, or simply prefer Oracle cards instead, that works too!

4 - Shuffle the cards and ask your question as you shuffle. Really put your intentions and your question into the deck energetically. Trust or perhaps even request that the information you receive be clearly and accurately understood and that the answers be for your best and highest good (even if its not necessarily what you wanted to hear).

5 - Lay out the cards as outlined in the spread and meditate with each of them. I like to feel into the cards to get more own meanings in relationship to the question before reading what the author says about the card, and then compare my meaning with the one that came in the book.

6 - Jot down some notes and try to condense the reading into a simple affirmation or action steps you can implement over the month.

Here's a quick video I did for my New Year Spread, though it is a different spread, the way you approach the reading is the same:


Did you enjoy this spread? Share your thoughts below!


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