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Image by Yen Vu

New Year Tarot Spread

Happy new year!

My hope for myself and for all of us is that we continue following our joy, embracing our sacred abundance, and being kind to one another. With this in mind, I created this New Year Tarot Spread for you, so that you may gain some insight into the next 12 months!

  1. The main theme of this year

  2.  Things that are fading away from last year

  3.  Your soul-aligned path - What will you manifest this year?

  4.  Opportunities to express your magic

  5. Challenges and lessons - Things to overcome

  6.  Guidance and support through your journey - How to navigate any obstacles

  7. Tapping into your deepest desires

  8.  Use this card for more clarity on your overall spread

Here's a quick tutorial of how to use this tarot spread:

  1. Pick a deck (ideally a tarot deck, but an oracle deck can work too)

  2. Shuffle the deck while setting the intention to receive the insight you seek

  3. Randomly pick the cards according to the arrangement displayed above

  4. Interpret the cards according to the spread and the meanings of the cards and journal your reflections

  5. Stay open throughout the year for the Divine Guidance to show up in your life and refer back to your journal entry when you're in need of that guidance!

Enjoy this Tarot Spread on your own, or book a Power Hour with me so that we can see what the future has in store for you together!

If you try it out on your own I would love to hear about your experience with this magical tool! Please comment below, or on Instagram, or email me!

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