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Image by Diana Măceşanu


Are you doing entirely way too fucking much? Welcome to the club, seriously. This monthly membership is designed for the busy bees that can't seem to find the time to pursue their goals with focus, motivation, and consistency. Membership includes:

Accountability Sessions - We all have that project we’ve been meaning to get to for forever... Let’s meet on a regular basis to actually get it done. This may include working on something personal like writing your novel, or meditating, or it may include something business related like finally creating that online course or keeping up with your social media. Either way, studies show that we are far more likely to accomplish our goals when we hold ourselves accountable and have a buddy to accompany us. These accountability sessions are 1 hour long and will take place every Tuesday at 7:30am EST, and Wednesdays at 12pm EST. Come as often as you can! In every session the first 10 minutes are dedicated to sharing what we’re working on and the remaining time is quiet focus work-mode. 


Monthly Group Coaching - Once a month, on the first Friday of each month at 1pm EST,  we will come together in community to ask questions, give each other feedback and support. We'll also do laser coaching! This is a way to pick my brain while also learning from your peers. 


Access to our Private Facebook Page where you can engage with the other busy bees and receive additional support and resources. 

$111 per month. All are welcome and you can cancel anytime.


To join, email me at

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