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Image by Yen Vu

Balance & Energia - Art Explained

I wish I could recall the teacher who taught me how to align my chakras so many years ago to give her credit where it's due but I can't say for certain who it was. Nonetheless I want to take a moment to send love and gratitude to all the mentors I've met along the way...

Balance & Energia - Art Explained

This painting, Balance y Energia (titled Balance and Energy in Spanish), is a visual representation of what it looks and feels like for me when I go inward and practice good "spiritual hygiene" by aligning my chakras.

To clarify, this is not a self portrait per se, but simply an illustration of what this practice FEELS like for me. In place of this beautiful woman, I invite you to see yourself, or borrow her peace and joy as your own. If you consider that we are all one, then she is me, she is you, we all simply "are".

And of course, if when you see this painting you see something else, then that interpretation is true as well. Let the art speak to you and invoke for you what it will. My deepest hope is that my art will serve you as a sort of spiritual medicine you can call upon when you wish to. And if you see something special you'd like to share with me then please do!

So how do I align my chakras?

I start off by finding a comfortable place to sit quietly, and I envision myself at a meadow full of beautiful flowers, birds chirping, a warm breeze caressing my face, and a big tree in the distance.

As I approach this wise, old tree, I see that it has a door welcoming me in.

Inside this door is a winding staircase going up, leading to what I like to call the Magical Inner Treehouse. Here I work with my higher self to give my chakras a "tune up".

Check out a step-by-step guided meditation if you'd like to try this chakra alignment practice yourself!


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