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Best Practices for Business Owners: A Resource Guide

Article by Guest Writer Carleen Moore of

If you're an entrepreneur—or an entrepreneur in the making—you want to do all you can to see your business thrive. Following best practices for business owners can help you achieve the success you want. To help, we've compiled this roundup of essential tips and resources for fledgling entrepreneurs.

Research Your Business Model In Advance

Smart entrepreneurship starts before you've even opened your business' doors.

  • Run a competitive market analysis to assess the viability of your business model.

  • Figure out what type of business entity, an LLC or a sole proprietorship, is best for your needs before registering your business with your state.

  • Write out your business' organizational and operational structure using a premade business plan template, which will help you stay organized going forward.

Invest in Technology to Boost Business Success

Cutting-edge tools can keep you organized, saving time, stress, and money.

Build a Strong Brand

Your brand will set you apart from the competition, paving the path to greater success.

Nurture Your Professional Network

A strong network will give you access to valuable connections, from potential employees to investors and customers.

  • Recognize the value of networking for entrepreneurs, like creating business leads, identifying best practices, and exploring novel industry trends.

  • Embrace diverse techniques for networking, from press outreach to participating in your local community.

  • You can also network online! Use social media to further your brand and expand your network.

Your business is sort of like a baby—it requires time, attention, and TLC if it's going to thrive! These best practices for entrepreneurs can guide you on the path to successful business ownership, ensuring your business "baby" grows healthy and strong.



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