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My Energy Creates My Reality

Transforming out loud as I share about my entrepreneurial struggles...

If you've read though the "My Journey blog posts" then you know that the Shift the Field Live events always stir something up in me. This year I was really struck by this idea:

My energy creates my reality...

Vulnerable Confession: In my heart, I do believe this to be true and yet I find that lately I have been operating as though I have NO say in my reality. All last month I was quite the couch potato, binge-watching Suits on Netflix, and contemplating creating a new course instead of actually making moves towards it. Honestly, I would describe my energy as DEFEATED lately. Sneaky, negative self talk has been creeping in..

What if I put my heart into this new offering and no one signs up for it?

I've put myself out there before and not always yielded the results I wanted...

What if people think I'm full of nonsense or think I'm a fraud?

What if I am unable to deliver what I am promising?

And so on, and so on...

But here's the truth. I have felt this way EVERY SINGLE TIME I have created a new offering, raised my prices, taken on a new client, posted a new painting, or even come up with a new idea, and yet things have worked out in my favor EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Did things always go as expected? No. But they HAVE worked out exactly as they were meant to, and even my "mistakes" have been priceless lessons that have made me stronger, smarter, and more strategic.

And even the most respected expert in any field, was once a beginner at their area of expertise.

But I'm human, and sometimes I forget that I have to start somewhere. And I forget that part of my process is to anxiously pace back in forth until I snap out of it. If you're in a similar place of not being sure if you should launch THAT thing you've been thinking about, then consider this a sign that you should give it a try!

Ask yourself: If your energy creates your reality then what is your energy creating right now? Where could you use an attitude adjustment? How can you be your own cheerleader and give yourself the validation you need?

For me, what works best is pausing, actually sitting still, breathing, and tuning inwards to talk to my spirit guides for insight. If you are intrigued my this idea but are not really sure how to approach your guides at a deeper level then please check out my course The Soulful Entrepreneur.

That's actually how I cam up with this course in the first place! I got up off the couch (after a million episodes of Suits), and asked my guides, what is next for me? Suddenly my energy shifted from defeated to Curious and Inspired! After consulting with my Spirit Business Guides, it was clear to me that one of things I'm supposed to (or rather would absolutely love to do, and feel lit up by the idea - to do) is this course! To each other how to access their divine guidance and weave more magic into their business.

To be clear, you already have access to your divine guidance, just by being the amazing human that you are... but if like me, sometimes you forget, then The Soulful Entrepreneur. is totally for you.

But seriously, not a rhetorical question, if your energy creates your reality then what is your energy creating right now?

I'm choosing to elevate my energy by summoning the courage to teach about divination, spirituality, and business, all of which are things that I love.

The reality I want to create is one in which I get to share my interests and my wisdom with others, and the only way that will be possible is if I try in the first place.

So one last time, I ask you, if your energy creates your reality then what is your energy creating right now?

Either way, you are invited to come play with me at The Soulful Entrepreneur. if you're feeling called!


★ Week 1 - Opening Ceremony

Let's kick things off with an opening ceremony and activation where we'll do a deep dive into our soul contracts.

★ Week 2 - Connecting with your Business Spirit Guides

You already have Divine support all around you and within you. But have you ever had a spirit guide as a business consultant or partner? Learn how to enrich your communication with your guides for more potent support.

★ Week 3 - Sacred Space

Design your magical altar, a space for practical business strategy and spellcasting.

Week 4 - Divination

Discover different divination tools beyond fortune telling, and instead use these techniques to manifest the success you seek. ​

Week 5 - Courage & Perseverance

Overcome the energetic blocks, excuses, or limiting beliefs getting in the way of you and your magic. Rewrite your narrative and become unstoppable.

Week 6 - Your Unique Magic

Learn about the different ways that magic shows up in our lives and in ourselves. Discover how to weave your wisdom into your business.



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