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The Importance of Market Research

I spent months creating a course nobody wanted... YIKES!

For the first time ever, I hired someone to help me strategize and market myself! I realized that while I love helping my clients become more visible and attract more clients, I sometimes struggle doing it for myself because I'm too close to be objective. So I was excited to try something new, until my new coach gave me the homework assignment of market research...

I was telling her how excited I was to launch a new course in which I would summarize everything I've learned over the years about branding, website design, marketing, transformation, and magic! This course was going to be a DIY version of The Passion Puzzle packed with an ever-growing library of resources all at a fraction of the cost. When speaking to my coach about it, she asked how many people had expressed an interest in this course when it suddenly dawned on me, that I was really excited about this but had failed to see if anyone actually wanted to buy this.

So I started doing some market research, here's what I did:

  1. I posted videos on my social media explaining my idea for the course and literally asking if this felt exciting and if anyone would like to sign up for it.

  2. I created a survey to get feedback on my idea

  3. I sent out a newsletter with an actual sales page and option for people to sign up

  4. I spoke to friends, relatives, previous clients, and strangers about the course, both on the phone and in person, to see what they thought

  5. I offered a discount and exclusive offers if you sign up within a certain window of time

Unfortunately despite my efforts, and despite a lot of positive feedback no one REALLY wanted this course, at least not enough to actually sign up for it.

I found that while some people were excited about the practical business stuff, and while others were thrilled about the magical stuff, nobody was interested in both. I was both shocked and fascinated by this discovery.

Thankfully, while I had spent months brainstorming and planning for this month, I hadn't actually created much of the content, and good thing I did some market research before investing even more energy to it!

Well crap, now what?

I went back to all the feedback I received and paid closer attention to what everyone was telling me... the course was too much. Too much content, too much time, not enough time, too much money, not enough money, too diverse in its content, too witchy, too businessy, too fucking much.

So I simplified. There's definitely an interest in all the things I wanted to offer, but not at the same time.

Instead of one giant course I am breaking it up into smaller, more focused, potent 6-week immersion where we can zero in on one thing at a time. And I am thrilled to share that I am kicking things off with The Soulful Entrepreneur. In this course:

  • You will learn different ways to develop a rich relationship with your spirit guides

  • You will be better equipped to ask for what you desire and feel fiercely supported by the Universe

  • You will learn practical divination techniques to boost your work in your business and in your personal life

  • You will develop soul-nourishing rituals to enhance your intuition and psychic skills

  • You will gain a deeper sense of trust and confidence in yourself, your abilities, and the success available to you.

Up next, I will shift gears to create a course for the more practical business strategies, but for now I am inviting you all to get witchy with me and explore different ways to tap into your divine guidance.

To sign up, click here!



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